Are you facing budget constraints & still want to promote your training program?

Earlier Marketing & Advertising expenses were supposed to be one of the highest expense lines for any business. But not now. Nowadays we don’t need a lot of funds for marketing activities. There are ample ways to promote your product organically. Let us explore some of the ways here.

  1. Embrace Social Media – Use the true power of the social media by delivering quality content. Instead of focusing on selling, focus on imparting knowledge through Blogs & Articles. If the content is good, the audience is bound to hook onto your social media updates which can reap you long term benefits if not immediate. You need to maintain frequency & consistency in updating your social media pages. Always remember, Content is the king.
  2. Email Marketing – Email is one of the most effective digital marketing methods. It costs just nothing to start & run an Email campaign. There are a number of Email management tools available online which can be used to organise & simplify your email campaigns. Be careful while choosing your subject line because many times it gets ignored by the target audience or just lands up in the Spam mail.

  1. Webinars – Organise a free webinar & promote it on all the platforms. The topic should be interesting enough to catch the attention of the target audience. Once the audience gets hooked it would be easier to convert them
  2. Referrals – You can ask your present clients to introduce you to some organisations. A corporation does not operate in an independent environment. They must surely be having suppliers, customers, who can be your prospective clients. Update them about your upcoming training programs & let the message float in the different verticals of the organisation.
  3. Influencer Marketing – Seek out an influencer to work with — someone who has a huge social media following of people who’d be interested in the topics your training covers. This works better on Instagram & Youtube & preferably on Videos.

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