Customer’s positive feedback, their satisfaction should be of prime concern for any business. In a world full of competition, where everybody is selling a similar product/service, Customer’s positive response is something which can give you an edge over the others. Many reports keep coming up & talk about the increased conversion rates & the role it plays in Customer Research & buying habits. Customer Testimonials is one of the most important elements of Social Proof. 

It works on the same idea of Social Proof that we are likely to follow the actions of others before us because we assume that those actions reflect the correct behavior. Let us understand it by an example :

If we have to pursue an online photography course. For that we will first google out the options then we will go through the course curriculum, fees, etc & then look for some reviews on their websites. We would prefer to buy from the websites which have positive feedback instead of the one with no feedback. 

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS as an Advertising tool

Writing compelling copy, shooting enticing photos, or even producing glamorous videos are all tactics that a marketer undertakes to advertise the product/service. These tools have always been part of any marketing strategy since the globalisation age. Along with that, word of mouth publicity was another form of marketing during earlier times which has now taken the form of Customer Testimonials. Testimonials take the spotlight away from the seller, and shine it on the customer. And when a buyer hears positive things from someone who was also in buyer’s shoes earlier, tends to get influenced & finds it genuine & to be relied on. 

Let us now dive into how a brand can Leverage these Customer Testimonials to grow his Brand

How to Leverage Customer Testimonials

  1. Create a space for the Customer Testimonials on the website main page somewhere at the bottom. You can use text messages or videos to display them. 
  2. Ask your Best Clients to write a testimonial dedicated to you, the company, service etc.
  3. Use an automated email that sends 5-7 days after delivery – Gathering reviews doesn’t have to be manual everytime. You can automate the process as well. With the help of an automated email that’s triggered to send 5-7 days after delivery, you can reach out to each and every customer and ask them to leave a review if they’re satisfied with the purchase. To encourage them you can give them a discount coupon or simply thank them on Social Media.
  4. Send a customer satisfaction survey.  By integrating a tool like SurveyMonkey, you can automatically follow up with customers post-purchase to gather feedback. Opt for open ended questions which gives liberty to the customer to talk about the product/service & then you can use this feedback further.
  5. Social Media Pages too have the option of Customer Reviews. These reviews can be used on a landing page on your website by integrating certain tools.


Above, I have shared some of the ways through which we can leverage the Customer Testimonials. If you can suggest some other ways, please leave the comments below.