Social Media Marketing is the term synonymous to Digital Marketing. After SEO, Social media is the second most important concept in the field of Digital Marketing. Social Media has emerged as a staple of modern life. Whether it be a student, businessman, serviceman, teacher, housewife, old age people etc everybody is just hooked to the Social Media. So, it becomes necessary for a person promoting his business to be present at all Social Media platforms. “We’re living at a time when attention is the new currency. Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value.” Pete Cashmore, Founder of Like every other businessman, Corporate Trainers too require Social media presence. Popular Social Media platforms have brought together geographically dispersed audience & offered them an increased array of learning possibilities. Let us understand the benefits Social Media provides to the trainers as well as the learners.


To build interest before launching a training program

Promoting your upcoming corporate training programs via social media platforms make learners sit up and take notice of your initiatives, so that when the training program hits the ground, learners will be motivated to get their hands on it. Different platforms can be used in different ways to serve this purpose. Various tools of Data Analysis, graphs, Pictorial Representations have come lately, which can make the posts more interesting & attractive. Thus attracting the audience.

To assess learners

Assessing the learners on social media platforms can be a great way of engaging them. Social media channels offer you interactive and entertaining ways to assess learners. Competitions, contests, games, challenges, and rewards motivate your learners to perform their best and make the most out of these competitions. The Social Media platforms have tools like quizzes, polls, etc to serve this purpose. Thus engaging the audience.

Helps in peer-to-peer interaction

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing working environments, ongoing learning has become a necessary part of the workflow. Employees learn a lot through informal communication & peer-to-peer interaction. The virtual communities formed on social media facilitate this interaction. The employees can interact with each other, ask questions, solve their doubts & learn from the expertise of others. It can provide a positive feedback space for the trainers.

Connects SMEs Learners

SMEs are subject matter experts. As an expert with extensive domain knowledge and experience, SMEs can help employees address their immediate concerns and needs. Using Social Media networks as an open communication channel helps you create good working relations between your SMEs and learners. There are various platforms wherein you can invite SMEs to answer particular questions or SMEs can ask the employees to address their concerns. SMEs can then use these platforms to update about their respective fields. This way they can slowly build their brand image.  


Some Social Media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Let us dive into each of the platforms separately
According to a study, Facebook has been identified as the most important Social Media site among business for Corporate Trainers. Facebook is popular among all age groups & all kinds of profession. So a person whether using Facebook for personal or professional purpose is sure to tumble upon some very useful business tools. So this way it can reach the Target Group of a Corporate Trainer. Facebook has a lot of features which are very useful for business. The platform can be used for attractive posts, Blogs, Videos, Testimonials, Success Stories etc
People prefer Linked for professional network building, so here reaching the target group becomes easier because their target group mainly include Corporates whether big or small. This platform is great for learning & using professional tools. It can be used for displaying Banners, posts, Blogs, Videos etc
It is very useful for providing updates about the events, Tweets, links to Promo Videos & Sample courses.
Youtube is popular among learners from all walks of life. Through Youtube a Corporate Trainer or a speaker can increase his fan following. To sum up Social media is a key to the future of corporate training and development. A lot of opportunities can be explored on Social Media for your Training Programs. The platforms are user friendly but need thorough knowledge & experience to use at their full potential. We at CareerSprouts are constantly working on these platforms leveraging them to your advantage. We at, are building an online curated platform, offering seamless digital experience for Corporate Trainers, Business Coaches and Independent Consultants who are looking to create awareness and promotion of their training programs and services through direct advertising campaigns or through sponsorship. For further information please call us at _________ & we’ll assist you with your marketing efforts.