In simple terms, the landing page is called a lead generation page because that’s where you want your visitors to come in and know about you/your business & your training course. When you know your lead generation page, will be the very first thing your customers will view, it is very important to give clear and direct information about your training programme. To help you get started creating landing pages that will work best for your training business, here is just helping many such businesses grow. Tips and Tricks for creating an effective lead generation page: Pop-Ups When your pop up talks about free delivery of information, there are many visitors who just go and register themselves to know about your training. Adding a pop up just leverages your benefit of converting your ideal audience into actionable audience. Here are a few examples that can help you create pop-ups- LeadConverter, Hello Bar, WordPress Notification Bar, Qualaroo, WebEngage, Servicate etc. Standard Crafting Have every element of your course covered, not just by talking from your point of view, but your customer point of view. Don’t crowd it with a lot of information and no ending conversation. Try convincing them in their language and connect their emotion to their notion. Call- To- Action Initially, any business goal is getting a high conversion rate in terms of sale and profit. Use simple and convincing phrases that will lead your visitors to take action eg. Submit, Free Registration, Free seminar/workshop etc. Focus on the layout Don’t crowd your landing page, have variations, in terms of figures, characters, design etc. Have a proper blend of color combination. Cover up the spaces, have proper facts, have proper pricing strategies. Focus on images If your first image is an alluring image, then make sure the next is clear. Have high quality images and make sure they are placed properly. Make sure to choose images that talk about your training only and not any other brand. Make your Page Mobile friendly Currently there are 448.2 Million mobile users in India. And according to Neil Patel 71% of mobile users bounce when they click through to a desktop site that doesn’t look right on a small screen. All these things affect what works and what doesn’t for maximizing your conversion rate among mobile users. Test Testing your page is very important, one of them, is A/B testing. It gives an idea of how things should be on your landing page. It is usually measured through click-through rate or conversion tracking method. Trainers should know the importance of the landing page and should focus on the same, as it gets them the highest lead rate in terms of actionable conversion. The key to make your lead generation page attractive is keeping it simple, constantly optimising content and updating it from time to time. Creating a simple, yet impactful landing page, will get your visitors to act.