Are you feeling overwhelmed by the social media marketing ‘thing’..!!

Well now, Social Media marketing is so highly integrated, that the content differs entirely new, in terms of style, design, type, field, format & platforms.

As many trainers come on board, online training becomes competitive, you will find careersprouts team helpful to start off with promoting your training program.

 Just to get yourself in social media marketing trends, here are few social media trends to try in 2020

Customer engagement

  • The most important thing in conducting training workshops is reaching ideal customers.
  • Consumers look for clear cut content which simplifies their understanding of concepts.
  • Differentiate your offer in terms of your niche. Make your content interactive as possible.

Selecting Platform

  • Identify your audience and accordingly choose your platform.
  • Define your goals. It is important to pay more attention to platforms that are currently booming.

eg:Instagram has dominated social media for a longer period of time, Tik Tok coming on board, has raised the bar in 2019.

Video Marketing

  • Video marketing can increase your organic reach in search engines.
  • Getting your live stream videos out, will help you gain more students to your workshop program.
  • Shortly telling stories about you or your training programme will gain you advantage

 Paid Ads

  • Paid advertising is cost effective and will increase your training workshop awareness.
  • Increase reach to your website.
  • Choose your platforms wisely, which gives you more conversion rate
  • Specific targeting can be initiated.

Influencer Marketing

  • Investing in influencers is way cheaper than traditional marketing.
  • And even the results are way too high and fast in terms of traditional marketing.
  • As influencers are way to high in terms of audience base, it can benefit in audience reach in a shorter period of time.


  • The dominance of stories, is in such a way, that it speaks in favour of the customer.
  • Upcoming new workshops, taking suggestions about topics, making them a priority will give you leverage in terms of reach and conversion of target audience.
  • Facebook and Instagram stories have been the biggest trend in the past years and the future doesn’t look so different.

Reach out to Local customers

  • Get a list of trainers providing training in similar or other fields, reach out to them and tell them about your worksop programme.
  • Let them act as a micro influencer for your promotion & promote your training videos or content on their social media handles.
  • This will increase your reach in a shorter period of time and with positive results.

Social media is an evolving factor, and promoting your niche becomes a challenging task as trends change with change in people’s preferences. So, keep updating yourself in terms of your content, your modules, your teaching methods, and your engagement needs.

There is absolutely no doubt that 2020 will bring a lot of new trends on board, that will evolve around customer needs. Because they will continue to be active on social media platforms, which will give many opportunities to trainers in terms of, their experience in spreading their knowledge.