When you’re on the cusp of

  • starting a new business,
  • pursuing a passion project, or
  • testing a concept,

you may not think much about designing a logo.

As you inch closer to launching, the need for a logo will likely pop up. Especially if you’re designing a website or business cards.

Let’s reiterate. The number one purpose a logo serves is to give your business (or organization, group, team, etc.) an identity.

By giving your company a mark. You’re strengthening your name and providing a visual to your target audience.

A logo makes your brand easier to recall. Since humans identify images and use them to derive meaning and stories.

While the results vary widely, most people do a good job capturing aspects of these logos, especially brand colors.

A good logo can also help build loyalty over time, as your business grows and gains fans. you need only think of your favorite brand logo and how seeing it with someone makes you feel.

A well-designed logo on your website and customer-facing materials convey’s that you mean business.

After you’ve designed a logo, you can confidently move on to other visual branding decisions. By then you’ll have chosen some key colors and fonts.

Logo also helps to build visual consistency as you grow your business. It becomes easy to hire others to create assets for you.

In other words, by investing in a logo you love. You’ll be able to

  • Check off the essential marketing to-dos,
  • Choose the other branded applications that make the most sense for your business and
  • Then create or outsource them.

Amy Sana is a Brand Strategist helping Solopreneurs create a visual identity for maximising their return on their marketing.