Is creating high-quality content enough to drive traffic? No, it is not enough.

The quality of your content plays a vital role in search engine ranking. The higher your content ranks, the higher will be the traffic.

You have written content that is high in quality and relevant to your target readers. And you want to reach on all possible platforms that your readers hang out. Yet, the distribution process involves knowing which platform will generate more traffic. It may even involve repurposing your text content into infographics, Video, Audio, etc.

YouTube: YouTube is the #2 Search Engine. And has a very high probability of getting ranked higher on Google Search Results. Leverage it.
Repackage long-form content in the form of slides. Then you can record yourself speaking the summary of your post. Add a Call to Action for the viewers to visit your blog. In the description add a link to your post and link to your blog and website. Include Keywords while writing up a description. This will improve your chances of getting ranked higher on search results.

LinkedIn: It is the first-choice platform for professionals. It is one of the most preferred platforms to network with businesses.
For those who are targeting businesses, leverage LinkedIn to drive traffic. Start with putting up a brief or part fo your blog post in your post. Then at the end of your post, add a call to action or a link to your blog post.
You can even use your status updates to promote your blog. Search for relevant groups and discussion where you can post your response and blog link. As the post starts getting noticed, it has a chance of getting featured in LinkedIn Pulse. Linkedin Pulse is a gold mine for generating traffic from LinkedIn to your blog post.

Slideshare: Slideshare is the world’s largest website for creating presentations. Summarize your blog post in the form of slides and upload them on the platform. Share it on your Social Media Pages. You can even embed it with your blog post.
Slideshare is part of LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows embedding presentations in your profile. This can give some more traction.

Twitter: This is one of the best platforms for the B2B segment. One can leverage to stay up to date on the industry trends and updates. It also is a great way to engage with clients and followers in real-time.
Tweet your article link with appropriate hashtags and a good picture. To improve the chances of increasing traffic you should tweet the article link more than once in a day.

Reddit: Reddit is a great social media bookmarking platform. IT has an upvoting system to discover content. And it is a community known for punishing spammers and promoters.
This is a platform for serious content writers. First, create a nice and detailed profile by filling in all the details. Then join the groups in your niche. Take part in the discussion and add value. Understand the language and tone of the group where you are participating. And if your submission starts get more upvotes it would get pushed to Hot Section. And homepage if it is very popular.

Facebook: Facebook drives over 25% of visits to websites. The traffic is more from paid ads and less from organic reach. But if your content in a very niche segment and you target your audience well, you will get lots of traffic.

There are many other platforms for posting content. Each Platform has a niche following. Match your niche and use the platform that matches your content.

Let us know of a platform that you are not sure of using. We will check it and and do a writeup on how it can be used