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Transforming Business through World Class improvement Practices

  • Mutual introduction coupled with capturing expectations of participants and finalizing day's work plan
  • Overview on national and international Business Excellence Awards and improvement initiative
  • From QC to QA to TQM to TQOM World Class Manufacturing (WCM) and Statistical Process Controls (SPC) basics
  • Tools and techniques for organizational excellence.
  • Lean Manufacturing (Highlights on eight types of Muda)
  • Overview on RCA (American) and RRCA ( Japanese) Problem Solving
  • Case study on application of RRCA& WV- W techniques
  • Overview in Vision, Mission & Values, Quality Policy & Objectives developed based on SMART principles
  • KPIs - stretch goals, KRAs and their monitoring
  • MPs & CPs and DWM towards sustainability
  • ISO Systems perspective.
  • Case study on integration of initiatives to acquire BEA
  • Summing up by participants along with Learning points

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