Brand Identity Kit

A brand identity kit is a resource containing the rules of your brand and how people should apply it holistically to maintain brand consistency.A brand identity kit is essential to the success of any company, both online and off. There are two main purposes of a brand identity kit:

  1. For clients and followers to recognize a brand easily; and
  2. As a set of rules for content creation. If you are here it’s because you’ve been looking at creating one for your company.

Thankfully, you are in the right place!



What Is A Brand Identity Kit?

Before getting into the practical steps of creating a brand identity kit, let’s get an idea of what it is. A brand identity kit sometimes called a brand style guide, is a document which holds all the important aspects of a brand. It can be a printed booklet, a digital ebook, or even an interactive design system.

The way it’s set up depends on how big a company is. A small business with a 2 or 4 person team will simply need a digital or printed document. A larger company can use a printed booklet. A company with different content creation teams is better off with a design system.

The purpose of a brand identity kit is to always create content which is on-brand. When a content creator needs to make something new, they use the brand identity kit as a set of visual rules. Brand identity kits also set the rules for social media interaction and company message. More elaborate brand identity kits, for example, design systems, also include rules for web and app development.


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